Tell us about the new record label. 
My new label will call D.O.C (Denominazione di Origene Conttrolata). The name refers to quality assurance for food (cheese, wines, etc.), but in this case: MUSIC. It will be out soon. My first artist is Elekfantz, a duo formed by two Brazilians. One producer/DJ, and a drummer that sings. They are just amazing! Their new single is coming out on the 13th of August. It is called “Diggin’ On You” and it includes remixes by Solomun and me. He’s playing a lot in Ibiza on his +1 party at Pacha. Kompakt, my mother label, will be distributing D.O.C. After years thinking about launching my own label, now is the right time to put out serious music that has a different approach on the dance floors then techno, house. I’m talking about melodies, vocals, lyrics, recorded instruments.

How did you get involved with Elekfantz?
I have known Daniel, the DJ/producer for a long time. He started to work with Leo, the singer and drummer, and they both came to me to produce a single called “Wish”, that was released on a pictured vinyl special edition through Kompakt X. It was a huge success and we all decided to produce a full length album (still in progress), which will be released on March 2014. I’m very happy with the final result of the whole pack. The people are in love with this song.

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